3 key steps for website security

Part of an effective IT security program for most businesses should be protecting online transactions with customers. In this guest post, Anand Srinivasan describes some of the website security keys businesses should keep in mind. 

CIA’s website attacked by Anonymous

Here’s proof that information security is a challenge for all organizations: Even the FBI and CIA recently fell victim to hacking attacks. 

New social network helps IT pros get unbiased advice from peers

Looking for some advice for solving an IT problem or making a purchasing decision? There’s a new social network for IT pros that could help.

Court: Man can’t change name to web URL

As celebrity parents have shown us, a lot of unconventional words and phrases can be used as names these days. However, naming a person after a website URL is not OK, at least according to this California court.

Not even security firms’ websites are safe

Even highly trusted websites are capable of being taken over by hackers.

Bill O’Reilly hacker gets 30 months in jail

A lesson for all would-be hackers out there: Don’t target powerful politicians and pundits.