Vista support being pulled in under two weeks

The Windows Vista era draws to a close in just under two weeks.

Microsoft ends Mainstream Support for Vista

As if businesses using Windows Vista needed more encouragement to move away from the much-maligned operating system, Microsoft has given them another good reason to upgrade to Windows 7. 

Users bailing on XP – is your next OS move planned?

Businesses and consumers are deserting Windows XP in near-record numbers as the end of support for the operating system draws near. Has your business started planning an upgrade? 

XP still running on most business computers

If your company still primarily uses the 10-year-old Windows XP, you’re not alone.

MS compares iPhone 4 to its own flawed product

Antenna problems have made the launch of the new iPhone a less than stellar event for Apple. In fact, the problem was so bad, the phone was compared to Windows Vista.

Most firms ready for a Win 7 upgrade: Is yours?

It seems like many IT departments are starting to let go of Windows XP. Is your organization ready for a new OS?