Which websites most likely carry malware?

What websites are most likely to get a PC infected with malware? Hint: They’re the kinds of sites most users wouldn’t think twice about visiting while at work. 

The most common IT security attacks, defined

IT security attacks come in a variety of flavors. Are you and your IT staff familiar with all of them? 

Mobile malware threat overblown, says Google programmer

There have been a lot of warnings lately about the increasing threat of viruses and other attacks targeting mobile devices. But the supposed crisis may not deserve so much attention, says one software expert. 

Online games infect Air Force base’s network

Employees who play popular online games like Mafia Wars can get their companies’ networks infected with viruses. Apparently, that may be what was behind a recent security scare at a U.S. Air Force base. 

IT policy split on users’ software downloads

It’s doubtful many IT pros would claim online malware’s become less of a threat in recent years — but many companies have nonetheless gotten lax about enforcing some IT policies designed to protect the network.

Warning: ‘Urgent Microsoft Update’ may be a virus

You may want to tell your users to consult IT before they agree to install updates on their machines.

New malware fakes hard drive failure

Hard drive failures are no fun, but if one of your users claims to have experienced one, it could be the result of a different problem:

Microsoft: 1 in 14 downloads are malicious

New research should justify IT’s concerns about unchecked user downloads.

Last year’s big virus threat still causing problems

A year after the Conficker worm created a scare that it would bring down the Internet, a new report says many PCs are still vulnerable to the attack.