Virtualization: IT’s top priority in 2012

The explosion in the amount of data generated by companies and on-ongoing pressures to cut costs will lead many organizations to adopt server virtualization in 2012, according to a recent survey. 

IT’s top 3 security challenges for 2012 – and how to handle them

New technologies and user habits have led to changes in the security challenges IT departments face now. Here are the issues organizations are likely to struggle with most in 2012 – and what IT managers can do to help.

The critical security area many companies miss

Virtualization has become a key part of many IT organizations’ cost-saving plans. But many companies that have virtualized apparently aren’t ready to deal with the new security risks they’ve created.

4 steps to take before virtualizing servers

By now, you’ve likely heard a lot about the benefits of virtualization. But is your company ready to take advantage?

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Many data centers may be in need of an upgrade to the power system. But before making a big overhaul, there are some things IT can do to stretch the life of the current infrastructure.

Survey reveals missing piece in most virtualization projects

When companies implement server virtualization, there’s a key element many neglect to plan for:

Virtualization is IT’s top priority this year

Early numbers indicate most IT departments will have some extra cash to work with in 2011. Where will they spend it?

Is your IT budget lagging behind competitors’?

The recession caused a rare drop in IT budgets, but things are returning to normal for most companies.

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What’s the number one problem that keeps virtualization deployments from working as well as they should?

Switching to Windows 7? Virtualize first

While many IT departments are happy with the results of their Windows 7 upgrades, they probably weren’t too thrilled about the upgrade process itself. One way to make the ordeal easier: