The common thread in most successful attacks? Users

One of the largest annual studies of breaches and cybercrime has found attacks are getting more and more complicated, but most still succeed or fail from the biggest weak point in security: the end user.

The biggest targets in today’s cyber attacks

What organizations are in cyber criminals’ crosshairs now? A better question might be: Who isn’t being targeted? 

What firms are the most likely targets of cybercrime?

Cybercriminals are spending less time targeting big companies’ databases and focusing more on attacking smaller firms.

Verizon iPhone announced

A few years’ worth of rumors and speculation have finally come true: Verizon has announced that its subscribers will be able to get the iPhone starting next month.

Study: Most data breaches are avoidable

When folks think of data breaches, they often imagine criminals using highly sophisticated technology to sneak into a company’s computer network. But most breaches may be a lot simpler than that.

Insider hacking on the rise

While most data breaches are the work of outside criminals, more and more of them are getting help from folks on the inside.