Where can you find the cracks in your cybersecurity armor?

When hackers evaluate the protections of a system, they’re looking for any chinks in the armor.

6 keys for preventing cloud transition nightmares

Many organizations think that the prep work for a new cloud storage or hosting option is hardest part. But evaluating vendors, choosing a plan of attack and beginning the migration process can only be the beginning of companies’ problems.

Most IT pros don’t know vendor security practices

Everyone in IT knows that a vendor’s security can have serious effects on your organization – last year’s Target breach made that more than clear. But many IT pros are still in the dark about how their vendors protect data (0r don’t). 

Study: IT’s throwing money at security, not sure what it’s getting in return

Nearly a fifth of corporate IT budgets is going to security. And many IT decision-makers are expecting to spend even more in coming years. But according to a recent survey, they still don’t feel that’s enough to protect them from attacks.

Cloud providers could be gambling with your data

Symantec recently made an announcement that sent chills down IT pros’ spines: It decided to shutter a cloud backup service.

Satisfaction with IT vendors dropping, report says

How would you rate your company’s relationships with its IT vendors? If you’re like most of the respondents in this recent survey, they probably need some work. 

6 ways cloud computing contracts put security at risk

Cloud security is becoming a big deal as more data and applications are being hosted by third-party providers. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t fully using their greatest weapon to help protect their information: cloud computing vendor contracts. 

Infographic: 4 cloud computing myths debunked

As cloud computing becomes more popular, it”s becoming harder for IT to separate the truth from the hype. In this post, guest author Daniel Clarke discusses some of the myths believed about cloud computing.

5 reasons to think twice about moving to the Cloud

Despite the benefits of cloud computing, there are several factors which may give companies second thoughts about moving data and applications to the Cloud. In this guest post, Systems Analyst Vanessa Parks offers a list of the top factors to consider. 

The dos and don’ts of cloud security

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits, but businesses must make sure data isn’t at risk when it’s put in the Cloud. In this guest post, network security expert Michael Wilcox describes some steps IT should take before implementing a cloud service – and some mistakes to avoid.