It’s just science: Users don’t pay attention to security messages

Thanks to a recent study, scientists may have confirmed what those in IT have long known: Users will most likely ignore security prompts that pop up on their screens. 

56% of users get no security, policy training

Users can be your greatest asset or your biggest vulnerability when it comes to protecting data. Surprisingly, many IT pros are more than OK with letting their users slide to the liability end of the scale. 

Are you really getting your money’s worth with trainers?

End user training is important, no doubt. It can keep users compliant, safe and, with any luck, cut down on the number and frequency of help desk requests. Unfortunately, IT just doesn’t always have the time and resources to devote to it. 

Boosting security on a stagnant budget: It can be done

For some, this year brought an influx of funding for IT security projects. But what about the rest of us? 

Most execs fear the IT talent shortage

Many companies are hiring IT pros now– but they’re having trouble finding people with the skills they need. 

What is cloud computing? A guide for business leaders

Sure, everyone in IT knows at least the basic concepts of cloud computing and what the primary risks and benefits are. But that’s not always the case with people in the rest of the organization — and they’re often the ones making decisions about the cloud. Here’s a guide tech pros can pass on to […]

IT needs to educate business leaders about the cloud

Although cloud computing is becoming a critical IT and business strategy, many business decision makers are still clueless when it comes to the cloud. As IT Director Richard Thompson writes in this guest post, IT professionals need to do a better job explaining cloud computing to other parts of the business. 

Big Data education programs expand to close skills gap

As demand is growing for IT pros with Big Data skills and experience, many companies will begin training their own workers to create new experts. Meanwhile, several Big Data education programs are popping up to help meet the new needs in the job market.

4 ways to make new hires hate their jobs right away

Recruiting IT pros is tough right now, and the hard work continues long after a candidate accepts a job offer. 

Which users are the most likely phishing victims?

Many cyber attacks begin with phishing emails directed at an organization’s employees. According to a new report, those scams can often fool even those who should know better.