Study reveals top security trends of 2015

So far, 2015 has seen its fair share of security news, good and bad (although with security news, the bad often far outweighs the good). And with the benefit of hindsight, we can now take some time to look back on these developments to find top trends so far this year – and what should be […]

Survey shows companies are facing more threats more often

Attacks are getting more and more persistent, according to Tripwire – and they show no signs of slowing down.

Survey: Some IT managers need to learn to share

When threats are discovered, many IT pros go into red alert mode, gathering their teams and sharing the discovery. Then there are those who sit on the information, preferring to keep this critical info to themselves. 

IT’s worried about cyberattacks: Execs don’t understand them

IT pros are generally a confident bunch. But a new survey shows even they have serious doubts as to whether they’re able to handle the latest breed of cyberattacks – and even worse, they’re not even sure they can show their bosses why that’s a big deal. 

3 new security threats highlighted by Symantec report

Online scammers are constantly updating the methods they use to spread malware or drive sales of bogus products — and it’s up to IT to learn those new threats and keep them from compromising their company’s network.

Top 5 items on IT’s security wishlist

High profile attacks such as the Stuxnet worm and Operation Aurora may generate a lot of headlines, but they aren’t the biggest threats most IT departments are worried about.

Companies keep IT out of the loop on security

Bad news from a recent survey: It seems the folks in charge of protecting their company’s digital data often aren’t kept informed about security breaches and challenges.