Lying on résumés: America’s other pastime

If you’ve ever caught a job candidate stretching the truth on an application, you’re not alone – in fact, you’re in good company. But does the problem lie in an antiquated method for selecting hires? 

Report: Most IT security software is vulnerable to attack

Any software IT installs can potentially contain vulnerabilities that give hackers a way to get on the company’s network – and that includes IT security software, one expert warns. 

MySQL basics for testers

Have you ever been part of this conversation? Development Group: The application is ready to be released! Management: Did you test it? Development Group: Um…yes…we ran our code in our development environment and everything worked great. Management: Test it again!! We hope that you haven’t been on either end of this conversation but many, many […]

Don’t let security tools introduce new vulnerabilities: 3 keys

Some recent security scares show that many of the products companies use to patch security vulnerabilities could use some patching of their own.