6 essential tools IT needs to give telecommuters

Getting users set up to telecommute is one way IT departments can help their companies recruit and retain people, as well as save money for employees and the organization. 

Study: Telecommuters can save $10,000 a year

Is your IT department being asked to support telecommuters? You may start hearing more requests, especially if employees see the data from this study. 

State tax credit helps cover IT costs of telecommuting programs

Telecommuting has plenty of benefits for both businesses and employees. Here’s another way letting employees work from home can help some organizations.

3 hidden legal issues when employees work from home

IT departments are being called on to support more telecommuting employees and make sure they have the technology needed to effectively work and communicate with their peers back in the office. Here’s another way IT folks can assist their companies in the midst of the telecommuting boom:

86% of users are more productive at home

Need more proof that getting users set up to telecommute is a worthwhile investment (and a good way for IT to help other departments)? Check out the findings in this study.

4 signs an IT staffer shouldn’t telecommute

As competition for IT talent heats up, more departments are offering telecommuting as a low-cost benefit to attract and retain staffers. But letting the wrong people work from home can lead to a productivity disaster.

Employees call in sick because of the morning commute

We’ve written before about the impact IT can have on the company’s bottom line by getting more users set up to telecommute. Here’s another problem that could help solve:

IT staff would rather work from home than get a raise

Looking for a way to satisfy IT employees without any room in the budget for raises? Luckily, there’s a no-cost benefit many want more than money, anyway:

One way IT can help boost the bottom line

Here’s one IT project that could be a big boon for the company and its employees:

Telecommuting options help companies retain employees

In lieu of raises, most companies are offering their employees more flexibility in order to keep them from jumping ship. And it’s up to IT to help make sure some of those flexible policies can be implemented.