Why remote support is more crucial than ever

It appears working from home has finally reached the tipping point, with three-quarters of employees saying that’s where they feel most productive. But is this really a secure option? 

Internet down? Troubleshooting tips for remote users

As more users work from home, IT must handle more calls from those remote workers. One of the common issues: a lost Internet connection. In this guest post, Debbie Allen offers some tips to pass along to telecommuters so they can troubleshoot web problems on their own. 

Telecommuters say IT support problems decrease their productivity

Most telecommuting employees report that they’re more productive when they work from home – that is, unless IT problems get in the way. 

Can telecommuting help recruit and retain IT staff?

One benefit that might help companies win the war for IT talent: telecommuting. But why don’t more IT departments let staff work from home? 

What telecommuting workers expect from IT

These days, telecommuting has become the rule and not merely the exception for many workers, and a new survey shows it’s getting high marks on a number of fronts – but companies that offer telecommuting will need a lot of support from the IT department. 

The #1 benefit IT pros want

With more companies hiring IT pros, competition for tech talent is heating up. Here’s one benefit you can give potential hires to rise above your competitors: 

Expert: Remote workers are more engaged

Though it may be hard to believe for many managers, one expert says that employees who work away from the office are more engaged in their jobs than their office-based co-workers. 

Survey: Security remains a challenge for telecommuting programs

We reported recently on how IT support is critical to successful telecommuting programs. Here’s another key step IT must take when users start to work from home: 

Study: IT key to successful telecommuting programs

Here’s one way IT can cut costs and boost their organizations’ overall productivity: getting ready to support a telecommuting program. 

Some workers would give up a raise or spouse to telecommute

A recent poll reiterates what IT managers have probably heard a lot on their own: A lot of users would like to get set up to telecommute.