Brace yourself: Millennials are coming

It seems counter-intuitive, but the group that’s most familiar with technology could be pose support issues more than their predecessors. 

Want a secure server? Get ready to open your wallet

A change to HP’s policies could have IT pros seeing red – and forking over some green – in order to keep systems secure and up to date. 

Watch out for the end of Office 2003 support

The end of Windows XP support will leave many businesses open to serious security attacks if they don’t upgrade soon. But that’s not the only popular software that’s about to lose security patches. 

Need to stick with XP? 3 options for the end of support

The end of official Windows XP support from Microsoft is now less than nine months away, but many businesses, for various reasons, can”t pry themselves away from the more-than-decade-old OS. 

3 steps to prevent costly IT failure

IT system failures and performance issues are widespread and costly for companies. What can organizations do to minimize the damage? 

Gartner: BYOD will replace company-issued phones in 50% of firms

Even as many companies are still deciding whether to allow BYOD, a new report says organizations will soon require it. 

Cloud computing provider sued for ‘unworkable’ IT support

Any time a company contracts with a cloud computing provider, there’s a risk that the services won’t live up to the company’s expectations. But in one recent case, things were bad enough that the customer filed a lawsuit claiming the vendor misrepresented itself. 

Forrester: Time for IT to support Macs

Though many business IT environments remain Windows-only, some experts say it’s time to start supporting Macs – partly because employees are using them anyway.

Survey reveals IT’s latest headache

Most IT departments are already under a lot of stress, and now it seems they’ll have another big headache to deal with.

5 key steps for supporting remote users

Work is no longer done primarily in the office – employees must be productive on the go, at home, or while they travel. But they need IT’s help to stay connected.