Data center getting a bit toasty? It might not matter

The conventional wisdom for hard drives, data centers and servers has always been “keep it frosty.” As we’ve been told time and again, the higher the temperature of hardware, the higher the fail rate. Not so, according to an expert in the field. 

4 best practices for big data

Big data is a common buzzword in the business industry today, and companies everywhere are looking for the best way to put it to work. In this guest post, Emily Miller offers some advice for companies looking to take advantage. 

5 common email management mistakes

Email has become a critical tool for most businesses, making email management one of IT’s most important tasks. 

Most firms have no Big Data plans

Big Data is the latest phrase to get a lot of hype in the IT industry. But are businesses buying into it? 

Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization & Cloud Storage: Connect the Dots

The IT landscape is changing rapidly. The field’s moving away from the traditional one server/one application model toward virtualization, a new one server/multiple applications model that’s a much more efficient way of doing things. The massive amounts of data generated by mobile consumer devices and widespread Internet access, along with the arrival of electronic health […]

Pros and cons of cloud storage

Considering turning to the cloud to solve your business’s storage issues? Here are some reasons you should – and why you should stay away.

5 ways cloud computing can backfire

Many businesses have moved to the cloud to save money. But are some of them actually paying more than before?

Cloud storage and web hosting taking off

While some research has shown IT people may be reluctant to move to the cloud, that doesn’t appear to be the case at small and mid-sized businesses.

Amazon cloud service temporarily goes down

At the end of last month, Amazon’s EC2 cloud went down temporarily.

Survey reveals missing piece in most virtualization projects

When companies implement server virtualization, there’s a key element many neglect to plan for: