What lies ahead for 2016? Security fears, but little change

Spiceworks has surveyed IT pros on where they see themselves a year from now. Three big trends: stagnant budgets, slow hiring and a host of security worries ranging from natural disasters to clueless execs. 

3 ways to keep absenteeism from derailing projects

IT is more specialized than ever. While having teams of experts is often a good thing, there is a major downside: Absenteeism can quickly derail a project. 

Mobile and the cloud: Where does IT stand today?

IT sometimes gets so lost in the down-and-dirty details of day-to-day operations that it can lose sight of what the competition is up to and where your colleagues stand. With that in mind, Spiceworks put out its annual all-things-IT report. Huge this year: the cloud and mobile, as always.

A third of companies are hiring in IT: Survey

Looking for help in your IT department? If so, you’re not alone. 

How close is your staff to burning out?

While users will soon be returning to the office refreshed after a long break, there’s no rest for the weary IT pro. 

Where do IT managers spend their time and money?

As they do with most areas, companies must find creative ways to divide two scarce resources in IT: time and money. A new survey looks at what areas tech leaders are focusing on now. 

Can’t find Big Data experts? Here’s how to grow your own

While Big Data has been a much-hyped technology for some time, many companies are just now getting ready to begin their projects. Is IT ready for the challenge? 

Why 55% of Big Data projects fail – and what IT can do about it

Big Data is quickly becoming a big deal for companies and their IT departments. However, a recent survey says that more than half of Big Data projects never even get off the ground.

3 mistakes that lead to bad IT hires

IT departments are growing as companies are finding new funding available to hire technology professionals. When organizations add IT staff, it’s critical to make the right hire the first time. 

Survey: IT not confident it can respond to new security threats

Cybercriminals are constantly updating their methods of attack, and, for a variety of reasons, IT is having a hard time keeping up.