Stay safe on social networking sites: Tips for users and companies

Hackers are moving away from widespread malware and focusing on targeted attacks against businesses and individuals. And that means an increase in phishing scams, as well as social media-based attacks. 

3 IT policies most users ignore

IT departments rely on several different policies to keep systems up and running and protect company data. Unfortunately, IT policies are only as effective as the users who are expected to follow them. 

Experts: Facebook users' privacy threatened by new features

Facebook has introduced a few features in recent months, including the new Facebook Home software. And experts have many Facebook Home privacy concerns.

Social Networking Policy Template

Social media has been common for both personal and professional use for several years – however, many companies still haven’t caught up and developed an effective social networking policy. 

Protect your online reputation: Tips for IT pros

These days, a positive online presence is almost as important as an impressive resume when it comes to advancing a career. In this guest post author Heather Legg offers some critical tips for IT pros trying to manage their online reputation. 

Can companies demand employees’ Facebook passwords? Not in these states

As many organizations are still developing and fine-tuning their social networking policies for employees, here’s one practice that’s becoming illegal for some companies: 

Infographic: You can’t keep users off social media at work

Even if they try, IT departments won’t put an end to employees’ use of social media at work. But there are some steps companies should take to minimize the risks. 

Top 3 IT security challenges for 2013

With new advances in technology come new IT security threats. These are the issues that will challenge IT departments the most in the coming year. 

How to attract Gen Y IT experts

Members of Generation Y grew up with computers and the Internet, and have gained valuable skills and experience in IT. In order for you to take advantage of the many benefits Gen Y IT experts have to offer, it’ll take some special effort to attract those experts to your company. 

IT glitches waste more time than social networking, survey says

Since Facebook first became a hit a few years ago, managers and IT pros have been wondering if the use of social networking at work will destroy productivity. But social media isn’t the biggest time-waster out there, according to one recent survey.