Infographic: You can’t keep users off social media at work

Even if they try, IT departments won’t put an end to employees’ use of social media at work. But there are some steps companies should take to minimize the risks. 

Organizations’ top 3 social media policy mistakes

Social media sites can have a lot of benefits for companies, but organizations also must have a policy to protect themselves. However, those policies often contain a few common mistakes and can end up doing more harm than good. 

New site tells users how employable they are

For a few years, employers in the tech sector and elsewhere have been using social media sites to find job candidates and research potential employees. Now, a new web service aims to help evaluate how people’s web presence will help or hurt their chances in the job market. 

10 social networking etiquette mistakes

Social networking is becoming more of a necessity for companies and individuals, as it’s being used in marketing, job recruiting, and countless other areas. But like any other communication platform, there are etiquette rules that must be followed.

3 hidden social networking dangers for companies

Social networking can be a boon for businesses’ marketing and customer service efforts – or it can have a significant negative effect on the bottom line. A recent study looked at the cost of social networking for business when it’s not used properly.

The risks of checking out candidates on social networks

Employers often use social media to perform background checks on current or prospective employees. However, legal experts stress that these background checks could violate employment and privacy laws.

Here’s help for writing your company’s social media policy

Creating or updating your company’s policy on social networking? Here’s a free online tool that could help.