Warning: Customer service pros need more social engineering training

Amazon is being called out by one customer for having his personal information revealed to hackers by customer service pros … three separate times. 

Will you be ready for the top security threats of 2014?

It’s December, which means it’s the time to look back on the year’s best-of lists, top news stories … and yes, even malware attacks and security threats. 

Weak link in many companies’ security plans: The help desk

What’s one often overlooked area hiding a lot of IT security threats? Hint: It’s the part of the IT department that has the most frequent contact with the rest of the organization. 

A new trick to improve security awareness training

Increasing users’ security awareness can be one of IT’s most difficult jobs. But here’s one technique that might help, even with stubborn users. 

Hacker steals data from Wal-Mart in 10-minute social engineering attack

At the recent Def Con security conference in Las Vegas, participants in a hacking contest showed how easily criminals can use social engineering attacks to steal a lot of sensitive information. 

Businesses fail social engineering test

A recent hacking contest shows that businesses are still too vulnerable to social engineering attacks. 

IT pros and hackers are careless with personal info, study says

Though many different types of people have become victims of online security attacks, there are some groups you’d think would be better at protecting their personal information. But a recent study shows IT professionals and even hackers themselves are also prone to mistakes.

The 5 biggest security blunders of 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on the mistakes of the past year and learn from them. Here are five notable breach stories from 2010 — and the lessons they teach:

IT staffers fall victim to social engineering hacks

You’ve got your applications patched, the latest firewall enabled and your antivirus programs updated. But there are some big security holes that might still be wide open:

‘Social engineering’: 4 tricks of today’s hacker

As companies have improved their technical security controls, criminals are using a new method to get their hands on confidential info: asking users to grant them access.