Not enough time to patch issues? You’re not alone

If you ever feel like IT doesn’t get enough time or resources devoted to security patches, you’re not the only one.

Meltdown patch causes problems for Windows 7

Windows operating systems are affected by the patch released to fix the Meltdown software bug.

New patch fixes Drupal vulnerability for 1M users

Drupal, an open source platform, released a patch for a “highly critical” remote code execution vulnerability in its 7.x and 8.x systems.

Patch Tuesday set to become Hack Tuesday

Tuesday, May 13 will mark a big day for the new Microsoft when it releases its first patches since XP’s death. IT and hackers alike will be watching closely. 

The 5 most vulnerable types of software

There are a lot of steps IT departments must take to keep their companies’ data secure. One critical activity: making sure all software on servers and user machines is kept up to date.

5 free PDF readers that are more secure than Adobe

Critical IT security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Abode Reader and Acrobat again. Is it time to look for an alternative PDF reader? 

Latest Microsoft updates labeled “critical,” “important”

Microsoft’s October security bulletin contained seven updates, including one that could prevent a serious security attack. If you run Windows but don’t have automatic updating enabled, experts recommend you download and install the latest Microsoft updates manually as soon as possible. 

10 basic IT security mistakes companies still make

IT departments have a lot on their plates, including many big projects such as virtualization or a move to cloud computing. But unfortunately, focusing on complex issues can sometimes make IT pros forget about simple steps to keep data secure. 

The IT mistake that could cost Sony $1.5 billion

It’s never good press for a company when customer records are stolen. And it’s even worse when it turns out the breach could have been prevented by avoiding a basic IT mistake.

How to keep XP SP2 safe, for now

Microsoft has stopped releasing security patches for XP users running Service Pack 2. But there are some steps you can take to improve security until you’re ready to upgrade.