Top free antivirus programs to protect your company’s network

Many companies are trying to decide whether antivirus software is worth spending money on. For those that say no, guest blogger Cara Aley has some advice on the best free antivirus programs companies can choose. 

Time to give up on the password, Google says

Countless studies have shown that the majority of users choose weak or flat-out dumb passwords. The solution, according to some IT security experts and tech companies: Abandon passwords completely. 

20-point checklist for an effective IT security plan

When developing an IT security plan, companies faced with tight budgets and under-staffing must prioritize. Where should IT focus its time and money when trying to prevent security attacks? 

5 key security steps most businesses skip

Even as cyber-attacks become more frequent and sophisticated, there are several steps every IT department can take to reduce the risk for their organization. The problem: Most of them fail to take those precautions.

Would you know if your company was hacked?

The first step to repairing the damage from a security attack is discovering it. But a new study shows nearly half of companies having trouble detecting data breaches.