Russian hacker uses malware to steal gas

A hacker in southern Russia was arrested for using malware to steal gasoline and resell it.

University loses $1.9M in single phishing email scam

Are phishing scams one of the things that keep you up at night? Might it be because you know how easy it is to lose almost $2 million, or how easy it would be for a user to compromise all the security measures you have in place?

Facebook phishing attack impersonates security staff

Users of Facebook have begun getting messages claiming to be from a member of the security team of the popular social networking site – but it’s part of a scam to try and steal Facebook credentials and credit card information. 

Study: Millions of users fall for fake antivirus scams

Think none of the users in your company are naive enough to fall for fake antivirus scams? If the financial success of those scammers is any indication, that may not be the case.

Study reveals most likely phishing victims

Most commonly cited examples of phishing attacks target inexperienced Internet users who don’t know any better than to hand over sensitive information. But those folks aren’t the most likely victims.

Anatomy of the Amazon receipt scam

In the rush of holiday ordering and shipping, lots of small businesses that sell via Amazon have been scammed by a pretty simple ruse that includes fake receipts, complaints and e-mail. Here’s how it works:

Scammers push phony Windows 7 ‘Compatibility Checker’

If your users are getting e-mails telling them to test their computers for Windows 7 compatibility, warn them not to click on anything — it’s part of a new scam to infect machines with malware.