Most IT pros saw a raise, still looking for more

The annual ComputerWorld IT Salary Survey found that many IT pros saw their compensation increase in the last year. But for some that may not be enough – and a career change could be in the future. 

Top 7 reasons IT pros quit their jobs

Employees quit their jobs for a variety of reasons. Where should IT managers focus their retention efforts? 

These 2 IT skills will earn big raises, new opportunities in the long term

Overall, the IT job market is favorable for job seekers. But the field is constantly changing, and IT pros must keep current to stay successful. Here are two sets of IT skills that will put techies in demand now and ensure plenty of opportunities in the future: 

7 IT certifications that will boost your career

The IT job market is crowded right now, with many opportunities available but also many applicants vying for those positions. One tool hiring managers use to make sure they’re bringing in the right applicants: IT certifications. 

IT pay on the rise: Who’ll get the biggest raise in 2012?

Compared to other areas, the IT job market is expected to be relatively strong in 2012. But IT professionals with skills and experience in some areas are likely to benefit more than others. So which IT pros are in line for the biggest raises next year?

Certifications still get IT pros jobs and raises, survey says

We recently reported on a study that concluded IT certifications were losing their ability to enhance the job prospects and earning power of IT professionals. But a new survey says IT certifications still lead to better jobs and better pay. 

4 things IT employees need to be happy

Though some recent research has shown many IT professionals want new jobs soon, other data suggests most of them will stay put – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things they’d like to change. 

IT certifications becoming less valuable for employees, report says

IT professionals often seek out skills certifications in order to boost their job prospects and earning potential. But do those IT certifications still hold the kind of sway they used to? 

2 of the 10 highest paying jobs will be in IT

We’ve written before about how stressful IT jobs can be. But according to some experts, working in technology is set to become more rewarding in other ways.

Learn this skill to boost your salary

Even in a patchy economy, IT pros can learn new skills to put themselves in higher demand. What area’s reaping the most benefits for techies now?