Can telecommuting help recruit and retain IT staff?

One benefit that might help companies win the war for IT talent: telecommuting. But why don’t more IT departments let staff work from home? 

IT departments set to grow 9% in the beginning of 2013

Competition for IT talent has been on the rise in recent months, but things are set to really pick up after the new year. 

Why your top IT pros will quit their jobs

Many managers complain that the salary they can offer their employees is to a large degree beyond their control. The good news: Supervisors have a bigger influence over the top reasons employees really quit their job.  

Report: IT training helps companies save money

Most IT departments are being pressured to control costs whenever they can. But there’s one IT budget item organizations should be wary about cutting: 

Top 7 reasons IT pros quit their jobs

Employees quit their jobs for a variety of reasons. Where should IT managers focus their retention efforts? 

5 things employees need to become loyal

Managers in all departments have likely struggled in recent years with gaining loyalty from employees who believe they’re overworked and underpaid. 

More companies cut IT salaries, despite retention concerns

Here’s good news for IT departments: In most companies, the tech budget appears to be rising in the coming year. However, the news may not be as good for IT staff, as more businesses say they’ll cut IT salaries. 

How to attract Gen Y IT experts

Members of Generation Y grew up with computers and the Internet, and have gained valuable skills and experience in IT. In order for you to take advantage of the many benefits Gen Y IT experts have to offer, it’ll take some special effort to attract those experts to your company. 

The #1 benefit IT pros want

With more companies hiring IT pros, competition for tech talent is heating up. Here’s one benefit you can give potential hires to rise above your competitors: 

3 common mistakes that make IT managers look bad

With increasing competition to hire technology pros, it’s more important than ever for tech leaders to avoid making common IT management mistakes that could drive their top talent out the door.