These IT pros will get the biggest raises this year

Recent reports have been showing that IT salaries are increasing on average across the whole field. But here’s one factor that could affect how much IT pros gain: 

5 common IT hiring mistakes to avoid

There’s a lot of competition for IT talent right now, and companies can’t afford to bring in the wrong people. Here are five common IT hiring mistakes to avoid:

Can telecommuting help recruit and retain IT staff?

One benefit that might help companies win the war for IT talent: telecommuting. But why don’t more IT departments let staff work from home? 

Study: IT departments struggle to fill cloud computing jobs

While IT jobs are expected to be plentiful in the near future, workers skilled in cloud computing will be among the most in-demand. What will companies do to fill those cloud computing jobs? 

3 mistakes that lead to bad IT hires

IT departments are growing as companies are finding new funding available to hire technology professionals. When organizations add IT staff, it’s critical to make the right hire the first time. 

How big data is affecting IT jobs and tech sector hiring

Big Data is the latest term to create a lot of buzz and hype in the tech sector. In this guest post, Dhimant Desai of the recruiting firm The FervID Group takes a look at the impact of Big Data on IT jobs. 

IT departments set to grow 9% in the beginning of 2013

Competition for IT talent has been on the rise in recent months, but things are set to really pick up after the new year. 

More companies cut IT salaries, despite retention concerns

Here’s good news for IT departments: In most companies, the tech budget appears to be rising in the coming year. However, the news may not be as good for IT staff, as more businesses say they’ll cut IT salaries. 

5 strategies for hiring more women in IT

If you haven’t dealt with this issue yet, you probably will soon: Finding people skilled in emerging technologies is a challenge. One solution is to adopt hiring strategies designed to draw from a largely untapped pool of talent: women. Here’s why you’ll want to give these strategies a shot.

How to attract Gen Y IT experts

Members of Generation Y grew up with computers and the Internet, and have gained valuable skills and experience in IT. In order for you to take advantage of the many benefits Gen Y IT experts have to offer, it’ll take some special effort to attract those experts to your company.