Overworked help desk? 10 ways to cut the stress

It’s no secret that the IT help desk doesn’t always get along with all users throughout the company. Here are some steps IT managers can take to repair the relationship and keep IT support staff productive.

Want to boost productivity? Give your techs a break

A recent study looked at employees’ productivity and had some surprising findings: Your people may need more relaxation time during the day than they’re getting. 

How to make life easier for IT pros

IT pros are often overworked and under a lot of stress. In this guest post, Elizabeth Phillips describes some things organizations can do to make life easier for support staff. 

Most IT employees will work on vacation

Companies are now deep into the annual vacation season, when a lot of employees are out of the office. But, at least in the IT department, most of the employees that aren’t present are still doing work. 

3 ways technology can boost employee productivity

Information technology departments are always looking for ways to add value to their organizations – and one of the biggest ways to do that is to help employees get more work done. 

IT cuts costs, but could do more to increase growth

A new report shows that most IT departments are meeting their goals of cutting costs and increasing efficiency for their organizations. But many have room to improve when it comes to driving growth. 

IT glitches waste more time than social networking, survey says

Since Facebook first became a hit a few years ago, managers and IT pros have been wondering if the use of social networking at work will destroy productivity. But social media isn’t the biggest time-waster out there, according to one recent survey. 

Cloud computing gets approval from CFOs

A recent Google-sponsored survey shows that nearly all organizations’ finance leaders expect serious benefits from cloud computing. 

Most users work an extra day per week after hours

While most users clamor for companies to adopt BYOD programs so they can use their personal smartphones for work, all that mobility and connectivity may be to blame for much of the extra time most Americans spend working while they’re out of the office. 

Survey: Security remains a challenge for telecommuting programs

We reported recently on how IT support is critical to successful telecommuting programs. Here’s another key step IT must take when users start to work from home: