Survey: Most users ignore mobile privacy concerns

A new survey says most smartphone users are worried about mobile privacy issues with their devices – however, that’s not stopping them from using apps that might leak sensitive data. 

SOPA sponsor pushes another controversial Internet bill

The sponsor of the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, is backing another bill that many critics say will diminish web users’ privacy. 

Smartphone users want mobile security, but don’t do anything about it

Employees using your company’s mobile devices may be leaving those gadgets open to security and privacy breaches – but a little training could go a long way to fixing their behavior. 

Could boss read employee’s personal email?

IT must often walk a fine line between protecting employees’ privacy and enforcing IT policies and procedures. Being on the wrong side of the line can get organizations into legal trouble.

70% of healthcare facilities hit by data breaches last year

While all IT managers must take steps to prevent data breaches, those working in some industries face more danger than others.

7 most useful Facebook tips for privacy and security

Facebook can be a boon for a company’s business or an individual’s career. But it can also be a security threat, or – as politicians have proved – a major source of embarrassment.

Facebook accused of leaking personal data

Though the social networking site has caught plenty of flack for decisions it’s made about sharing user data, it appears the latest concern over Facebook privacy was caused by an accidental programming bug.

Popular e-mail tool could lead to legal trouble

A common and seemingly harmless e-mail feature could be getting companies in trouble with the law.

Is e-mail sent at work ever private?

If a manager comes to IT to ask for copies of an employee’s e-mails, the messages can usually be handed over without a problem. But what if the e-mails in question were part of a sensitive conversation between an employee and her attorney?

4 essential but tough-to-find Facebook privacy features

If you or your company’s users are concerned about the lack of privacy on Facebook, here are some tools that can help.