Mozilla Foundation shares Internet health report

A new publication from the Mozilla Foundation, called the 2018 Internet Health Report, focuses on five areas of concern for the Internet.

Security advice: Shut up and watch TV

Hard to believe that this isn’t something out of a dystopian novel: Samsung is warning some its customers not to discuss anything private while watching television. 

Snapchat’s reminder: Nothing engineered is truly secure

There’s another sleazy leak of photos online. With thousands of photos hacked from Snapchat, let this be a reminder: Once data leaves your control, it’s never really secure. 

Lawsuit: Did company spy on former user’s iPhone?

When an employee links a personal account to a company iPhone, who is responsible for removing it when the user leaves the company? A court recently weighed in.

Here’s your opening: Users actually try to protect themselves online

It can sometimes seem like users are oblivious to online security threats. But a new survey shows that most are aware of the danger – and take some crucial steps to trying to protect themselves. 

Facebook privacy threats lurking in new Graph Search: What to do about it

Protecting Facebook privacy is getting tougher as new features and policies make it easier to find information on all users of the social networking site. Here are some tips you can pass along to employees to help keep them safe. 

Secure your Facebook page against theft

As social media becomes more important for businesses, social networking security is becoming critical as well. In this guest post, Henry Enebeli offers some tips IT pros and marketers can use to secure their organization’s Facebook pages.

Court: Company can’t read personal email on employee’s smartphone

As more employees use mobile devices for work, IT departments are trying to develop policies to protect sensitive company information from new mobile security threats. But rules might also be needed to protect employee privacy as well. 

35% of firms’ BYOD policies may not comply with the law

As we’ve written before, when employees use personal devices at work, it can create a number of tricky legal concerns for businesses. Here’s one compliance issue a recent survey says many firms are struggling with: 

When can companies legally spy on employees?

IT has access to a lot of information about the company and its employees. That means IT can be a valuable asset when a manager wants to investigate a member of his or her staff. But too much snooping can lead to a violation of employees’ privacy.