Users bring their own mobile devices no matter what IT says

Many companies have started coming up with policies regulating employees’ use of personal gadgets for work purposes. But whether there’s a policy or not, employees are using their personal devices.

Should worker fired for web use get unemployment?

Taking disciplinary action against an employee for improperly using the Internet at work can bring up some legal questions for companies. Among them: Is wasting time online considered enough of an offense to deny a fired worker unemployment benefits?

Study busts myths about password policies

Most companies have some sort of password creation policy in place to keep users from choosing simple codes such as “12345” or “password” to protect sensitive company documents. But not all of those policies actually result in strong passwords.

Network admin fined $1.5 million for doing his job?

A network administrator accused of sabotaging his employer’s computer system has already been sentenced to prison time — now he’s being ordered to pay a huge fine as well. His crime? According to him, it was following his employer’s policy.