Password Policy Template

IT departments often struggle with getting users to choose secure passwords and keep them safe. For help, here’s a password policy template companies can use to create their own written rules. 

The cloud computing mistake 77% of companies make

As cloud computing becomes the norm in most organizations, there’s a serious cloud security risk many companies aren’t doing enough to stop: 

Users’ security mistakes are IT’s fault

Many data security breaches are blamed on user mistakes. But IT’s security strategy is often to blame for those errors. 

Bad news for BYOD security: Users don’t care about protecting important data

Employees are often careless when it comes to sensitive information on mobile devices, and BYOD policies have done little to change things. What can IT do? 

35% of firms’ BYOD policies may not comply with the law

As we’ve written before, when employees use personal devices at work, it can create a number of tricky legal concerns for businesses. Here’s one compliance issue a recent survey says many firms are struggling with: 

3 areas where BYOD security is still lacking

Companies are creating BYOD policies and managing users’ personal devices. But recent research highlights some of the mistakes many organizations are still making.

Users don’t trust IT to protect BYOD data

IT often thinks users aren’t doing enough to keep data secure. But a recent BYOD survey says many users think the same about IT. 

Protect info when employees – and their devices – leave

Companies need a plan to protect data when current employees bring personal devices to work. But they also need to prepare for when people leave the organization. 

Beyond IT security: Protecting your company from all threats

IT puts a lot of effort into securing networks, servers, and users’ computers. But what about the bigger picture? Taking a look at physical security and focusing on different protective measures can help an organization cover all of its bases. 

Survey: 37% of users don’t password-protect their smartphones

Even as more employees start bringing personal smartphones and tablets to work, most small businesses aren’t taking steps to ensure BYOD security.