3 phishing attacks sneaking by IT’s defenses

IT pros know that phishing attacks are rampant. Most will train users to recognize the warning signs. But some recent attacks show that hackers are smart enough to try to stay one step ahead – and have devised attacks that can be successful even when users’ guards are up.

Phisher went after nuclear secrets from within

Two hot topics in security came to a head recently with an indictment of a former U.S. Department of Energy employee who was spearphishing dozens of his co-workers and bosses. 

Getting better results from phishing tests (good or bad)

It’s one thing to train users on avoiding phishing attacks. But knowing whether that training has really sunk in isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish. Enter the phishing test. 

Network gets a lesson in Passwords 101

A French TV network recently had to take 11 channels off the air temporarily while it responded to a major coordinated hacking attack. And it seems that incident didn’t teach them any lessons.

Typo leads to 90 million stolen records

How do you steal tens of millions of records? All you need is a spoofed domain name containing a typo and a user too busy to notice one of the biggest phishing attacks of all time. 

Google Apps for Work working for phishers?

Phishers may take advantage of a security flaw in Google that a hacker recently discovered. This could allow anyone to send emails that appear to be from legitimate companies’ domain names. Here’s how it works … 

Which emails are most likely to be phishing?

When it comes to phishing attempts, anyone can be a target. The question is: How will the attackers try to fool users? 

3 phishing attacks to watch out for

The reason phishing attacks remain popular is they’re extremely effective. The best ones can go nearly undetected and can cause devastating damage to companies. Here are three active attacks you’ll want to keep an eye on – and make sure your users are aware of.

The anatomy of a spearphishing campaign: 3 keys to stopping one

TrendMicro has discovered and reported on a spearphishing campaign that went after some very high-value targets. What it found could have lessons you can use for protecting your own users. 

The cost of cyberattacks just keeps climbing

Cyberattacks are going to cost companies some serious cash. The only really question is how much it will be and what steps you need to take to prepare for these devastating incidents.