4 low-cost ways to strengthen IT security today

All IT managers likely believe their company’s information security could be improved, but budget issues often get in the way. However, here are some affordable steps companies can take now. 

Report: Lax software patch management puts most businesses at risk

IT pros know one of the key steps that can help prevent security breaches is making sure all software is up to date. However, many businesses are behind the curve when it comes to software patches, a new report says. 

DHS: New Java security attacks mean it's time to kill the platform

The latest round of critical Java security bugs and new attacks has IT pros asking a familiar question: Is it time to kill the software platform for good? 

Java security attacks on the rise: How can IT limit the risk?

Attacks targeting Java vulnerabilities are common, including the most recent round of attacks that could affect users running any browser in any OS. What can IT do to limit Java security risks? 

40% of users ignore software patch prompts

A key part of any company’s security strategy should be a thorough software patch process. And a new survey offers some advice on keeping software secure and up to date: 

Half of website administrators didn’t know their sites were hacked

Compromising legitimate websites is a common way for hackers to target Internet users. But site administrators often fail to discover and fix hacked websites. 

Study: IT leaving old vulnerabilities open to hackers

Despite all the hype about the cutting edge techniques hackers are using to steal companies’ data now, many attackers still have a lot of luck exploiting vulnerabilities that received patches from vendors months or even years ago. 

Windows 8 won’t update third-party applications

Many tech experts say it’s in Microsoft’s best interest to enhance its OS security by offering updates for third-party apps through Windows Update. However, the company has announced that feature won’t be included in the upcoming Windows 8. 

Patch confusion leaves many third-party apps vulnerable

Microsoft’s products have a reputation for their security vulnerabilities, but now it looks like other vendors’ software poses a bigger danger.

New software automatically patches third-party apps

One common mistake that gets computers infected with malware: missing application patches. A new piece of software aims to make plugging those holes easier.