Many OS vendors left systems open to attack

Most major OS vendors are releasing security patches after a misunderstanding left their systems open to attack.

More than half of Windows users are on a 7-year-old version

That headline sounds bad, but hey … at least it’s not XP. 

Phishing hazards go well beyond users alone

Most of the advice surrounding phishing prevention is warning users of the dangers and encouraging them to use caution when browsing or opening emails. But one of the biggest risks for a phishing attack won’t be fixed by these commonsense approaches.

Almost 90% of Android devices are exposed to critical vulnerabilities

The reputation Android devices have for being less secure than their iOS counterparts is well-known by now, but researchers from the University of Cambridge have some shocking numbers on just how many of these devices suffer from security shortcomings. 

Easy tricks to solve 3 Windows 8 problems

With XP’s end of support quickly approaching, many organizations are upgrading to a new operating system. In many cases, that’s Windows 8, which means IT departments need to help their company’s users deal with some common complaints about the new OS. 

Survey reveals IT’s latest headache

Most IT departments are already under a lot of stress, and now it seems they’ll have another big headache to deal with.

Why are businesses sticking with XP?

As we’ve reported before, many businesses are clinging to their copies of Windows XP, despite the operating system’s advancing age and impending end of support. What are their reasons for keeping the old OS around?

XP still running on most business computers

If your company still primarily uses the 10-year-old Windows XP, you’re not alone.

Google dumps Windows, citing security concerns

The push against Microsoft’s dominance of business machines got a big boost recently when Google announced its employees will no longer use Windows desktops.

Most firms ready for a Win 7 upgrade: Is yours?

It seems like many IT departments are starting to let go of Windows XP. Is your organization ready for a new OS?