Using open-source wisely: 4 keys

Most IT departments don’t have a ton of time or resources at their disposal for programming. They fill in these holes by using open-source, which can be a godsend or a major concern – depending on how it’s used. 

How to get more for less from your open source software investments

Open Source software is often free, but there are a lot of costs involved beyond just the price of the licenses. In this guest post, Mike Curtis explains what companies can do get more for less when they use Open Source. 

10 steps to keep your Linux project on track

Many IT teams are turning to Linux for parts of their companies infrastructure. But Linux projects require some extra care, as Simon Mitchell discusses in this guest post. 

3 ways many companies are wrong about open source

Adoption of open source software is growing among businesses. However, there are still many organizations that believe these inaccurate open source myths. 

Open source software adds costs (according to Microsoft)

Open source software is never completely free, in the financial sense. Even if the applications themselves are available at no cost, businesses still need to pay for support, training, data migration and other needs. But just how much open source costs can be open for debate. 

3 keys for open source software implementations

Open source software is a viable option for businesses and can deliver many benefits besides cost savings. But organizations must prepare for some challenges along the way. 

6 free security tools from Black Hat 2012 IT managers can use today

A number of free and open source security tools were released last week at the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. Here are six that IT managers can use today to quickly identify weak spots in the corporate network: 

Cost, big data concerns driving use of enterprise Linux

Companies are expanding their use of enterprise Linux, citing benefits such as lower costs, improved security and a better ability to handle big data, according to a recent survey.

Test your open source knowledge

How much do you know about open source software? Take this quiz to find out.

Survey: Open source is easier to adopt

A rough economy and better ease of use has made open source software more popular with businesses.