Guest networks are open invitation for WannaCry and similar attacks

You might be sick of hearing about this summer’s blockbuster ransomware hit WannaCry and all of its horrible sequels, but hackers aren’t getting tired of locking up your system and files. And if you thought you’re safe because you aren’t running Windows OS, you’re wrong.

4 basic keys for database security

Despite hackers’ new sophisticated techniques, many data breaches still occur because of basic IT security mistakes. In this post, guest author Vanessa James lays out four critical steps for protecting databases. 

The top threats facing SMB networks

Keeping networks up and running is a critical job of any company’s IT department. Problems with the network can lead to down time, which in turn may mean lost revenue. 

4 lessons from successful BYOD programs

Many companies are starting BYOD programs for the first time and have some work to do to iron out the kinks. Here are some lessons they can learn from organizations that have performed successful BYOD rollouts: 

IT pros would rather get a root canal than prepare for cloud computing

Cloud computing has a lot of benefits for businesses, but it also presents a lot of challenges for IT. In fact, there are a lot of painful things IT professionals would rather do than get their organization’s network ready for the Cloud. 

Report: Businesses better off using one network vendor

A recent report says businesses benefit from using a single vendor for all of their networking needs. But is that true, or is it just a marketing pitch from vendors that want customers to buy more? 

13 businesses hacked because of outdated routers

Keeping network hardware up-to-date is a challenge for businesses, especially when there’s little room in the IT budget for upgrades. But there are good reasons firms shouldn’t go without updating some equipment.

IT preparing for IPv6 transition

It took a while, but it seems like most businesses are starting to realize it’s time to start getting ready for the transition to IPv6.

Man’s home raided because of unsecured WiFi network

Does your company have folks who connect to unprotected home wireless networks with company devices? This story could teach them the value of WiFi security.