When can companies legally spy on employees?

IT has access to a lot of information about the company and its employees. That means IT can be a valuable asset when a manager wants to investigate a member of his or her staff. But too much snooping can lead to a violation of employees’ privacy. 

Manager wants IT to spy on employees: How to respond?

IT has a lot of ways to spy on employees” behavior, data and other information. But that doesn”t mean they should be put to use. 

5 keys for overhauling your organization’s IT security program

Often the hardest part about overhauling an organization’s IT security program is knowing where to begin. In this guest post, security pro Ryan Halstead has some advice on getting started. 

8 reasons to monitor Internet traffic

IT departments and management in all companies have to make a tough decision: How should employee Internet use be monitored and controlled. In this guest post, Casper Manes offers eight arguments in favor of using Internet monitoring tools. 

The top threats facing SMB networks

Keeping networks up and running is a critical job of any company’s IT department. Problems with the network can lead to down time, which in turn may mean lost revenue. 

Have you got your network covered for the holidays?

Even when tech pros find time for a vacation, IT systems need to stay up and running. In this guest post, SolarWinds’ Mav Turner gives network admins a list of steps they can take to make sure things run as smoothly as possible while they’re gone for the holidays. 

Do you gamble on your web security?

Along with policies and user training, Internet security software is critical for protecting the organization’s data. Here are some of the ways a well-chosen web security system can help companies. 

Can company read personal e-mail sent at work?

Do employees have a right to privacy when using personal email accounts, even when they send the messages at work? That depends on the situation, according to a few court cases that have tackled the subject.

She forgot to log out – is her personal email fair game?

In many cases, it’s against the law to read someone else’s personal email – but what if a co-worker forgets to log out of an account he or she opened on a shared computer? That was the question asked in one recent court case. 

IT security budgets: Where should smaller companies prioritize?

Information security is a big, expensive problem, and many IT departments may not have the budgets for all the investments they want to make. But here’s advice from one security expert on where to prioritize when it comes to IT security.