Rounding up mobile threats: Android vulnerable, millions of devices infected

While the media at large focuses on Apple’s iOS 8, new iPhones and smart watches, there’s been some bad news on the mobile security front yet again. Some highlights: A major Android flaw, and news that 15 million devices could be infected with mobile malware.

Mobile and the cloud: Where does IT stand today?

IT sometimes gets so lost in the down-and-dirty details of day-to-day operations that it can lose sight of what the competition is up to and where your colleagues stand. With that in mind, Spiceworks put out its annual all-things-IT report. Huge this year: the cloud and mobile, as always.

3 security trends that should be on your radar

There’s no shortage of cyber threats out there today − and no shortage of areas IT needs shore up its defenses. But a recent report highlights the three biggest threats to your systems in 2014 and beyond. 

Are mobile users second-class citizens for patches?

Apple recently released a fix for several vulnerabilities with an update to iOS 7.  But something about the way those updates were released isn’t sitting right with security-conscious users. 

Companies not ready for new technologies, survey says

While new technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, mobile devices and social networks are catching on, businesses and IT departments are still trying to figure out the best ways to implement and manage them, according to a recent survey from The Open Group. 

Protecting smartphones from viruses and other attacks

There’s been a recent spike in attacks targeting Android smartphones. If any users in your company work on such a device, here are some steps you can take to protect them:

5 key steps for supporting remote users

Work is no longer done primarily in the office – employees must be productive on the go, at home, or while they travel. But they need IT’s help to stay connected.

Android now the preferred mobile platform for hackers

Malware targeting mobile devices is still a fraction of all cybercrime, but the threat level is growing, for one type of device in particular.

Most employees work remotely – can your department support them?

Working away from the office is becoming the norm for most employees, and IT needs to make sure it’s helping rather than hurting remote users’ productivity.

Users are breaking IT’s mobile device policies

Some companies let employees use their own personal tech gadgets for work, while others have policies against it. But a recent survey shows employees are doing it no matter what.