Mobile security could come down to location

An interesting patent granted to Apple this week could lead to a whole new way of securing mobile devices – a welcome change for businesses. 

Some new phones come loaded with malware

You probably give users advice on avoiding mobile malware. But there’s some bad news: Some of them could have phones that are infected through no fault of their own. 

Surprise: Younger users take responsibility for BYOD security

A recent survey has some news that likely won’t be a shock to most technology pros: Younger employees typically have no qualms about breaking IT policies that they don’t agree with. But there was another finding that could give IT managers some hope. 

Mobile virus threat is overblown, security experts say

While some observers have been warning companies and consumers for a while about the growing problem of malware attacking smartphones, recent reports show the mobile virus threat has yet to have much of an impact. 

7 security mistakes users and IT departments make

As the costs of cyber crime continue to rise, there are some steps both IT departments and users should be taking to better protect data. 

6 Android security risks you should know

Mobile devices introduce a number of new security concerns for organizations. In this guest post, Katherine Switzer outlines a few of the biggest Android security threats IT managers should be aware of. 

Safeguard your BYOD environment with MDM software

One tool many companies are turning to keep BYOD devices secure is mobile device management (MDM) software. In this guest post, Hank Whitman offers some guidelines on choosing an MDM application. 

Bad news for BYOD security: Users don’t care about protecting important data

Employees are often careless when it comes to sensitive information on mobile devices, and BYOD policies have done little to change things. What can IT do? 

The pros and cons of a mobile VPN

One mobile security tool growing in popularity is the mobile virtual private network (VPN). In this guest post, Parker Hansen discusses the benefits and disadvantages of that technology. 

Report: iPhone apps just as risky as Android’s

Most reports of mobile security threats center around Android viruses or other threats targeting Google’s smartphone and tablet platform. But that doesn’t mean Apple’s iOS is immune from attacks.