IT’s top 3 security challenges for 2012 – and how to handle them

New technologies and user habits have led to changes in the security challenges IT departments face now. Here are the issues organizations are likely to struggle with most in 2012 – and what IT managers can do to help.

Users holiday shopping on smartphones they also use for work

Every year, IT must prepare for a wave of users doing their holiday shopping online while at work, but this time around, there may be a new challenge: 

Most security policies are outdated: Are yours?

Personal mobile devices are the biggest threat to a company’s security, according to a recent survey – but many IT departments’ policies don’t reflect that fact.

Top 3 mobile device dangers – and how to avoid them

The increased use of mobile computing devices creates a whole new set of security challenges for IT managers. Here are the top dangers, and how you can help minimize them:

Hackers’ new targets: Your users’ cell phones

A new year, a new set of data security threats to guard against. And according to the latest Cisco security report, mobile devices are going to be cybercriminals’ preferred targets in 2011.

Expert finds new way to hack smartphones

As smartphones become more popular, hackers will put more effort into finding ways to compromise the devices. One security expert says he may have found the next big threat.

Most firms don’t encrypt data when it leaves the office

Encryption’s long been heralded as one of the most important security tool’s at IT’s disposal. Then why aren’t more companies using it?

Two-thirds of users think you need to update your policies

As mobile devices, social networking sites and other new technologies become more common in the workplace, the majority of users have started to think their companies’ tech policies are behind the times.