Survey: Businesses disappointed with IT’s mobile development efforts

Mobile development is a key trend in technology and business right now, but IT and other departments are struggling to get on the same page, a new survey says. 

5 BYOD policy mistakes threatening security at many companies

While more companies are starting to allow and manage personal mobile devices at work, nearly half of firms still don’t have a plan for BYOD security, according to a recent survey. 

3 keys for better BYOD tech support

Companies everywhere are trying to deal with BYOD in ways that increase user productivity without increasing costs or putting too much strain on the IT department. In this guest post, Trend Micro blogger Kaito Mori offers advice on supporting the flood of personal devices coming into the workplace. 

Top 3 IT security challenges for 2013

With new advances in technology come new IT security threats. These are the issues that will challenge IT departments the most in the coming year. 

4 lessons from successful BYOD programs

Many companies are starting BYOD programs for the first time and have some work to do to iron out the kinks. Here are some lessons they can learn from organizations that have performed successful BYOD rollouts: 

Survey: IT not driving mobile development efforts

Most companies are investing in custom mobile development, according to a recent survey. But the money for mobile app projects is coming from outside IT. 

Why your company needs a mobile development strategy

Mobile development is about more than just coding. Mobile websites and apps can have a much greater impact on a company’s bottom line when they are part of a comprehensive mobile development strategy. 

Data access attempted on 96% of lost smartphones, says Symantec study

Smartphone users would like to think that if they lost their device, it would be picked up by a Good Samaritan, rather than someone with malicious intentions. But they shouldn’t bet on it, says one security firm. 

How to save a wet phone: Tips to give users

If your company supplies users with smartphones, you’ll want to make sure they know how to care for those devices. One important bit of information they should know: how to properly dry out a wet phone. 

Mobile malware threat overblown, says Google programmer

There have been a lot of warnings lately about the increasing threat of viruses and other attacks targeting mobile devices. But the supposed crisis may not deserve so much attention, says one software expert.