Keeping up with mobile device innovation

Customers already use their phones significantly more than other devices when interacting with businesses, and that trend is expected to continue.

New app helps distract sick kids in hospitals: How it could work for IT

Trips to the hospital are scary for anyone … and when you’re a kid, it’s terrifying. But a new app across the pond is helping ease some of those worries.

Mobile infections shot up 96%: What it means for you

With at least one smart device in nearly every user’s arsenal – and many holding corporate information – mobile infections pose a bigger threat to your security than ever.

Mobile security could come down to location

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Even as many companies are still deciding whether to allow BYOD, a new report says organizations will soon require it. 

Ubuntu Touch: The next popular mobile OS?

Right now, there’s a two-way race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android for dominance of the mobile market. But that could change with some brand new mobile operating systems planned for the near future – including the upcoming Ubuntu Touch. 

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