Some new phones come loaded with malware

You probably give users advice on avoiding mobile malware. But there’s some bad news: Some of them could have phones that are infected through no fault of their own. 

3 things IT gets wrong with mobile technology

IT’s relationship with mobile technology is often told as a valiant battle to keep systems secure against mobile threats. But that’s not how IT pros would like things to be. 

Study: Businesses are developing mobile apps with serious vulnerabilities

Security experts have done a lot of fretting about how users may put company data at risk by downloading malicious or vulnerable mobile apps into smartphones they use for work. And now, a new report warns how businesses may be developing a lot of vulnerable apps on their own. 

Keys for securing mobile apps

As smartphones and tablets become more common, companies are developing mobile apps for their employees and customers. In this guest post, Dean Vella offers some tips on how to keep those apps secure.