Law & order: Keys to avoiding legal trouble, improving compliance in your IT department

A lawsuit is one of the worst challenges a company can face, but taking the time to evaluate legal risks at your company – and within your IT department – can keep your organization safe.

A marriage, a divorce, and a tortured business relationship: One IT staffer’s story

What follows is a tech staffer’s story that involves a non-compete agreement, a divorce, and a dying Windows XP computer.

7 ways BYOD could get you sued

IT consumerization and personal devices brought into work create some tricky legal issues companies must take into account when they develop a BYOD policy. 

Protect info when employees – and their devices – leave

Companies need a plan to protect data when current employees bring personal devices to work. But they also need to prepare for when people leave the organization. 

BYOD policy keys to avoid legal trouble

As more employees use their personal computing devices at work, companies have to ask some questions about their rights to manage a gadget that someone else owns. 

Can companies monitor personal smartphones?

In addition to security concerns, companies may find another wrinkle in their BYOD plans: Employees are worried about mobile privacy when they bring personal smartphones into work. 

3 hidden legal issues when employees work from home

IT departments are being called on to support more telecommuting employees and make sure they have the technology needed to effectively work and communicate with their peers back in the office. Here’s another way IT folks can assist their companies in the midst of the telecommuting boom: