Cloud computing provider sued for ‘unworkable’ IT support

Any time a company contracts with a cloud computing provider, there’s a risk that the services won’t live up to the company’s expectations. But in one recent case, things were bad enough that the customer filed a lawsuit claiming the vendor misrepresented itself. 

Insider data theft lands company in court

While many data breach lawsuits have been thrown out because the victims couldn”t show they suffered any actual harm, there have been some recent cases that were allowed to move forward. 

Do companies need data breach insurance?

A recent lawsuit highlights the importance of a data breach insurance policy that specifically covers the losses suffered during an IT security incident. 

Small biz wins big in bank fraud lawsuit

Who foots the bill when bank fraud results in money being siphoned from a business account – the bank or the customer? In one recent court case, a small business managed to score a victory against a bank that lost nearly $600,000 of its money. 

Court: Company can’t sue ex-employee who stole confidential documents

One big IT security risk companies face is that departing employees will take confidential documents with them. In one recent lawsuit, a company tried to take legal action against an ex-employee who did just that. 

LinkedIn sued over hacked passwords

After a massive breach of LinkedIn passwords, the social network was sued for failing to live up to its own privacy policy. Will the organization be held liable? 

She forgot to log out – is her personal email fair game?

In many cases, it’s against the law to read someone else’s personal email – but what if a co-worker forgets to log out of an account he or she opened on a shared computer? That was the question asked in one recent court case. 

Employee claims invasion of privacy after boss sees her Facebook posts

IT departments are often asked by managers to monitor employees’ web use, especially what they do on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. But a recent lawsuit shows how some types of social network snooping can get companies in trouble for privacy violations. 

Ex-employees sue agency for snooping on personal email

When investigating policy violations and other issues, is IT allowed to monitor employees’ personal email activity if the messages are sent and read at work? That’s the question at the heart of a recently filed lawsuit.

Lawsuit accuses Symantec of pushing scareware

A new lawsuit claims popular antivirus vendor Symantec uses scareware tactics to trick customers into buying software they don’t need.