Certifications still get IT pros jobs and raises, survey says

We recently reported on a study that concluded IT certifications were losing their ability to enhance the job prospects and earning power of IT professionals. But a new survey says IT certifications still lead to better jobs and better pay. 

7 outrageous resume mistakes

With so many people – including IT pros – currently looking for work, it’s important to write resumes that can grab someone’s attention. But these caught the hiring manager’s eye for the wrong reasons.

Most hated job in America: IT Manager

IT pros, especially IT managers, put in a lot of stressful hours, often for little reward and no appreciation from other parts of the company. But there have to be worse gigs, right? Not according to this survey.

IT employment back to 2008 levels

The IT sector has seen some good economic news lately, and that continues with the latest employment figures:

Demand soars for certain IT skills

There’s some good news if you’re an IT pro with experience in these areas – but bad if you’re in charge of hiring and retaining those people.

IT staffers ready to jump ship

Increasing workloads and stagnant salaries have a distressing number of IT workers looking to change jobs soon, according to a recent Computerworld study.

Demand for IT pros jumps

Some recent indicators bring good news for IT pros looking for work — and bad news for managers charged with retaining staffers.