Gartner predicts IT spending to grow slower than expected

Good news for IT departments on a tight budget (and really, which aren’t?). Gartner analysts say IT spending won’t grow as much as expected this year. 

3 keys for IT investments that pay off for businesses

IT investments can help companies boost the bottom line – but only if the money is spent wisely. A new report offers some help with how to spend the IT budget. 

Survey: Big data brings real benefits for businesses

Big data is one of the hottest buzz words in IT right now. But how many companies actually plan to implement the technology? A lot, says one new survey. 

Survey: Companies remain stingy with IT budgets

Companies aren’t quite ready to shift IT spending into high gear just yet despite positive news about the economy lately, a recent survey found. 

Execs think IT security is in good shape – but is it?

The good news: Most executives report their companies are doing pretty well when it comes to IT security. The bad news: It probably isn’t true. 

Report: IT must fix aging infrastructure before new projects

Reports show that for most companies, the IT budget is growing or at least staying flat – however, many have to use that extra money to fix aging infrastructure that is in need of an upgrade. 

Report: Up to 30% of the IT budget is spent without IT’s approval

The rise of cloud computing and IT consumerization has lessened IT’s control over how technology is used. One upshot: A significant portion of a company’s IT budget is now spent without the IT department’s approval. 

Which IT projects have the biggest impact on the bottom line?

Here’s some good news for IT managers trying to get new projects approved by the CFO: A study has found that IT investments can significantly boost a company’s profits. However, that’s only the case for some kinds of IT spending. 

Survey: IT plans to increase spending in the Cloud

Interest in the Cloud has grown among IT managers and finance leaders in recent months. And now it looks like more companies are putting their money where their mouths are. 

IT spending is up: What your competitors are buying

Tech spending is up. Here’s what your company’s competitors are buying for their IT departments now.