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Everyone in IT knows that the field is changing. In this guest post, David Walker lists some of the critical skills IT managers will need to stay successful. 

3 cloud computing skills in high demand now

Initially, many observers in IT worried that cloud computing would eliminate IT jobs as companies put more parts of their operations in the hands of service providers. However, right now it seems that the trend has simply created a demand for new types of IT skills.

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All IT jobs are different and require different sets of skills. But in this guest post, blogger Katie Belliveau lists some skills that can benefit everyone working in IT. 

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IT training is a valuable tool businesses can use both to improve operations and provide an additional benefit to IT staff. How can IT managers make sure training is effective in meeting both of those goals?

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These 2 IT skills will earn big raises, new opportunities in the long term

Overall, the IT job market is favorable for job seekers. But the field is constantly changing, and IT pros must keep current to stay successful. Here are two sets of IT skills that will put techies in demand now and ensure plenty of opportunities in the future: 

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As IT departments focus on working more closely with other sections of the organization, soft skills are becoming increasingly important for IT pros. Here are some of the most important soft skills needed to succeed in IT. 

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The IT job market is crowded right now, with many opportunities available but also many applicants vying for those positions. One tool hiring managers use to make sure they’re bringing in the right applicants: IT certifications.