IT salary survey: How do you stack up?

It may be impolite to talk about how much money someone makes. But it’s valuable information to have at your fingertips. 

IT security certifications that hold the most value today

IT certifications can add a lot of value for technology pros. That’s especially true for these security certifications, writes Anjali Simplilearn in this guest post. 

IT certifications or soft skills: What’s more important for raising pay?

Some reports have shown that IT certifications are losing their importance for job seekers, as employers pay more attention to non-technical soft skills. But a recent study says the value of certifications is rising for IT pros. 

What do IT employees want the most from their employers?

As more companies start hiring for tech-related positions, a lot of IT managers face the challenge of hanging on to their top workers even when competitors offer more. But a recent survey has some good news for those managers: 

Top 3 deterrents for women in IT, according to one survey

While there’s a lot of debate over what, if anything, should be done about it, women in IT are a significant minority. A new survey highlights some of the reasons. 

Study: Pay gap for women in IT is gone

While the debate continues regarding the low numbers of women in IT and whether organizations should do anything to change it, one recent study offered a bit of good news: 

These IT pros will get the biggest raises this year

Recent reports have been showing that IT salaries are increasing on average across the whole field. But here’s one factor that could affect how much IT pros gain: 

Which IT pros will get the biggest raises in 2013?

Several recent reports have attempted to predict how IT salaries will change in the new year, and most of them have given IT pros a lot of reasons to look forward to 2013. However, the latest research says salary increases will depend a lot on job level and company size. 

IT departments set to grow 9% in the beginning of 2013

Competition for IT talent has been on the rise in recent months, but things are set to really pick up after the new year. 

Why your top IT pros will quit their jobs

Many managers complain that the salary they can offer their employees is to a large degree beyond their control. The good news: Supervisors have a bigger influence over the top reasons employees really quit their job.