Where are all the IT jobs?

The market for IT jobs is stronger than the overall job market, but IT pros in certain cities and with certain skills will be better off than others. 

Do tech job ads discriminate against American IT pros?

Despite laws against the practice, a recent report says many IT job listings display a preference for foreign-born workers. 

IT pros like their jobs – but still want to quit

Some good news for IT managers: Most IT employees are satisfied and engaged in their jobs, according to a recent survey. But the bad news: 

40% of IT pros looking for work: How you can stand out

Things are very active in the tech job market right now, with a lot of companies trying to fill IT jobs and a lot of IT pros looking to change employers. Here are some tips for how tech job seekers can stand out from the competition.

IT jobs will grow 22% by 2020, BLS says

A recent government report predicts a mixed bag for the future growth of IT jobs in the U.S. 

Hiring? Look to current employees first, study says

Looking for an employee to fill a vacant IT job? If possible, it might pay off to promote a lower-level staff member rather than make an external hire, according to a new report. 

Survey: Companies struggling to find qualified IT professionals

Looking to hire employees to fill open IT jobs in the next few months? It may not be easy, according to a recent survey. 

Avoid these 10 overused social media buzzwords

Many companies are now looking for potential employees on social networking sites. But they may skip over profiles that contain these 10 overused words and phrases. 

2 of the 10 highest paying jobs will be in IT

We’ve written before about how stressful IT jobs can be. But according to some experts, working in technology is set to become more rewarding in other ways.

Get ready for new competition for IT talent

The number of available IT jobs is poised to increase, even as it’s fallen in many other areas. And some factors, such as Obama’s new jobs plan, could give IT hiring another boost.