Protect your online reputation: Tips for IT pros

These days, a positive online presence is almost as important as an impressive resume when it comes to advancing a career. In this guest post author Heather Legg offers some critical tips for IT pros trying to manage their online reputation. 

Study: IT departments struggle to fill cloud computing jobs

While IT jobs are expected to be plentiful in the near future, workers skilled in cloud computing will be among the most in-demand. What will companies do to fill those cloud computing jobs? 

Survey: Big data brings real benefits for businesses

Big data is one of the hottest buzz words in IT right now. But how many companies actually plan to implement the technology? A lot, says one new survey. 

How big data is affecting IT jobs and tech sector hiring

Big Data is the latest term to create a lot of buzz and hype in the tech sector. In this guest post, Dhimant Desai of the recruiting firm The FervID Group takes a look at the impact of Big Data on IT jobs. 

Want an IT salary increase? Try a different industry

As recent reports have shown, IT salary varies a lot based on specific skills and types of jobs. But an IT pro’s industry of choice also has a big impact on wages. 

These 2 IT skills will earn big raises, new opportunities in the long term

Overall, the IT job market is favorable for job seekers. But the field is constantly changing, and IT pros must keep current to stay successful. Here are two sets of IT skills that will put techies in demand now and ensure plenty of opportunities in the future: 

Report: Lots of IT jobs available in this industry

While the market for IT jobs in general is better than many other areas, a recent report says one industry is experiencing an acute shortage of tech talent. 

7 IT certifications that will boost your career

The IT job market is crowded right now, with many opportunities available but also many applicants vying for those positions. One tool hiring managers use to make sure they’re bringing in the right applicants: IT certifications. 

Businesses need IT pros with cloud computing skills

One effect of the increasing importance of cloud computing to businesses and IT departments: There are many cloud jobs out there for IT pros with the right skills and experience. 

Looking for a better job? Try health IT

Folks looking for IT jobs are in a better position than many other job seekers. And that’s especially true for those looking for work in health IT.