7 ways BYOD could get you sued

IT consumerization and personal devices brought into work create some tricky legal issues companies must take into account when they develop a BYOD policy. 

3 BYOD horror stories – and what IT can learn from them

As more employees bring personal smartphones and other devices to work, here are three BYOD security horror stories that other companies can learn from. 

3 keys for better BYOD tech support

Companies everywhere are trying to deal with BYOD in ways that increase user productivity without increasing costs or putting too much strain on the IT department. In this guest post, Trend Micro blogger Kaito Mori offers advice on supporting the flood of personal devices coming into the workplace. 

Survey: Majority of companies aren’t ready for BYOD

Most tech experts agree, the consumerization of IT and BYOD are coming, whether IT departments are ready or not. And, according to one recent report, most aren’t. 

5 policy mistakes that sink BYOD programs

A BYOD policy is becoming a requirement for most companies – unfortunately, for many organizations, creating an effective policy involves a lot of trial and error. 

Survey: Users still want company-issued devices

Many companies are adopting BYOD programs to allow employees to bring their own devices into work. However, both employees and IT may be better off when the company purchases devices that users choose. 

Report: BYOD is driving up IT costs

BYOD programs are being adopted at companies in all industries. How will that impact those organizations’ IT costs?

Younger workers say BYOD is a right, not a privilege

Here’s another sign companies will have to adapt to IT consumerization and support BYOD programs whether they want to or not: Younger employees entering the workforce might decide not to take a job in which they can’t use their own personal devices. 

Smartphone vendors cater to BYOD trend

IT consumerization and the trend of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs have reached a point where smartphone manufacturers and cellular providers are starting to offer easier ways for their devices to be used as both workplace and personal phones. 

Why IT is now choosing the iPhone over other smartphones

When Apple’s iPhone was first released, it was generally thought of as a popular consumer gadget that had no place in business. But now, despite the unique challenges, more IT departments are supporting the iPhone than any other mobile platform.