Survey: Big data brings real benefits for businesses

Big data is one of the hottest buzz words in IT right now. But how many companies actually plan to implement the technology? A lot, says one new survey. 

New survey links strong IT budget with business growth

Increasing spending on technology can be a hard sell, especially when the economy is slow. Here’s some ammunition to bolster your argument when it comes time to present your IT budget to the higher-ups.

Execs think IT security is in good shape – but is it?

The good news: Most executives report their companies are doing pretty well when it comes to IT security. The bad news: It probably isn’t true. 

Report: IT must fix aging infrastructure before new projects

Reports show that for most companies, the IT budget is growing or at least staying flat – however, many have to use that extra money to fix aging infrastructure that is in need of an upgrade. 

Report: Up to 30% of the IT budget is spent without IT’s approval

The rise of cloud computing and IT consumerization has lessened IT’s control over how technology is used. One upshot: A significant portion of a company’s IT budget is now spent without the IT department’s approval. 

9 reasons the Cloud won’t save as much as you think

Many businesses are saving money by turning to cloud computing services. But too often, companies fail to consider some common hidden costs and don’t save as much as they had planned. 

Report: BYOD is driving up IT costs

BYOD programs are being adopted at companies in all industries. How will that impact those organizations’ IT costs?

5 ways to protect your business from bad cloud contracts

Though contracts typically favor providers, it’s possible for businesses to negotiate cloud contracts that better protect them against the risks of cloud computing. Here’s some help.

Study: Average company wastes $100,000 a year on unnecessary cellular charges

As user mobility becomes more important, cellular phones are taking up a bigger chunk of companies’ budgets. And, according to a new study, a lot of that money is being wasted. 

7 cases where virtualization does more harm than good

Virtualization has been a lifesaver for many IT departments, helping them cut costs and boost efficiency. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best solution in every situation.